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Truth Or Just A False Perception???

Things that we have believed in our entire life, is it even true?

Author Anusha Hansaria
4 min readDec 31, 2023


Growing up, I have always been a romantic by heart and a die-hard fan of all the rom-com movies and novels. I had always envisioned my life to have that type of story where the guy just falls truly, madly, and deeply in love with me just in that first glance!

But, in reality, maybe my biggest regret in life has been the fact that I haven’t gotten a single proposal, ever! I had an arranged marriage, and I am grateful for the companion God has chosen for me for life; but sometimes, just looking back, I do miss having the experience of what it feels to have a boyfriend.

My parents have always been very open with my sister and me, and I always knew that they would gladly support me if I ever wanted to marry a guy of my choice. But, the tragedy of my life is that no guy ever showed any interest in me or proposed to me: Nor did I have that kind of guts to approach a guy first because, based on all those movies and novels that I so love, it is always the guy to make the first move, right?

Look-wise, I believe I am decent looking, maybe a little above average as well, but that doesn’t seem to have worked in my favor. I would always see almost everyone having a boyfriend or getting multiple proposals from several guys; even the ones I felt were less prettier than me, and it would drive me nuts thinking what is it that I lack.

Then, there was this thought that struck me — what is the proof that we actually look the way we see ourselves in the mirror? The only way we can see our face is what we see through our eyes in either a mirror or anything that reflects.

Maybe attraction is not at all about looks. It may be about self-confidence and self-love because these, I surely lacked back then, and it’s a work-in-progress now.

What if the way we see ourselves, the way we seem to appear in our own eyes, is not the same for others? Have you ever thought about it this way? The way we see others, some prettier while some not so pretty, are merely dependant on the fact how confident the person is in his/her skin. As it is mentioned in this beautiful quote:

“The most beautiful things you can wear are your self-confidence and your self-love.” ~ Leticia Rae

So, what if, in reality, everyone in this world looks exactly the same. The different faces that our eyes makes us see, is based on how confident the person is. More confident a person, the more beautiful they may seem to us, and the ones who are less confident than we are, we find ourselves to be prettier than them.

Every Adam chooses his Eve, for in the eyes of every guy, the girl he loves seems to be the most beautiful to him, and vice-versa. It is like God has made them for each other, the same way God had created Eve for Adam. Maybe, for me, it was written that I would find my Adam in the arranged marriage setting, and that’s why I didn’t meet him earlier. Life is different for each one of us, right?

So, the way we see ourselves in the mirror, it may not be the same way the other sees us. Maybe the mirror doesn’t really show us how we actually look? It is all about how we think ourselves to be; it’s about our own perception about ourselves.

At times, we may find a particular person to be the most beautiful person in the world; similarly, we may be that person for someone else.

Who can understand the mysteries of this world with all its uncertainties. Maybe, as we learn to love ourselves for who we truly are and be confident under our own skin, we may slowly begin to find our own self to be the most beautiful human being in the entire universe! We will never feel the need to have that magical mirror on the wall to tell us that we are the prettiest of them all.

Until then, let’s keep working on our self-confidence and self-love and witness life, as it grows beautiful in front of our eyes, day by day.



Author Anusha Hansaria

Author of the book: The Soul’s Fuel( available worldwide). Love writing about life and life experiences. Android Developer by Profession, Blogger at Heart.